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About Us

Unlimited power and customization possibilities.

My fascination with creating imagery began as a hobby

Introducing… Hi, my name is Shaanthi. I am 34 years old and am a mother of a beautiful son. In addition, I am a partner of a loving partner. Passion for photography My passion for photography started at an early age. As a child, I found cameras and photography very interesting. During my study ”Graphic Design” I was able to deepen and develop myself.

I started as a freelancer which eventually grew into my own company. I am one of the few photographers in my profession. What do I record? As a photographer, I strive to capture special moments, such as Hindustani, Islamic, and civil marriages. How do I work It is therefore very important to delve into these aspects beforehand, whereby clear agreements and wishes with the bridal couple are essential.

Service orientation and flexibility, but also an advisory, supportive, and personal approach are core tasks of my company.


In short, a nice intensive job, with lots of smiling and cheerful people around you. I therefore consider it an honor to witness the bridal couple’s big day, and I look forward with sorrow to their laughter and/or tears when the bridal report is delivered.

During the wedding it is not just about being able to operate a camera, capturing the experience of the bridal couple and the family by being involved is an important aspect.

Shaanthi Photography‘ is distinctive because of the personal approach and interest in people. If you choose ‘Shaanthi Photography‘, you choose the person behind the camera.

Our Core Working Process?


Having an eye for moments, standing behind the lens while adding our touch of innovation, together has brought out the beauty in every moment we capture.


Your happiness is what we strive for. We wait to inner happiness on your face, be it on the day of your wedding or while looking at what we captured on the day.


We never take a chance when it comes to moments that add meaning. Composing frames, fitting in lightings and capturing moments aesthetically.

"We are making photographs to understand what lives mean to us"

- Shaanthi Photography